3.2 Token Economics and Use Cases:

Sopdap AI Token is a utility token that is designed to be used on the Sopdap AI platform to access premium features and services. The token will be used for transactions within the platform, such as paying for content generation services and accessing premium features. In addition, the token can be used for staking and participating in governance activities on the platform. The token is used to facilitate transactions on the Sopdap AI platform and is a vital component of the platform's ecosystem.

SDP Token Utility:

The SDP token, an essential element of our platform's ecosystem, plays a vital role in driving user engagement and adoption. We have carefully crafted a tokenomics model that incentivizes token holders and enhances platform usability.

- Access to Premium Features: SDP token holders will gain exclusive access to premium AI-generated content, advanced automation tools, and enhanced Web3 privacy features.

- Discounts and Rewards: Users paying with SDP tokens will receive discounts on platform fees, subscription plans, and other services. Additionally, we will introduce a reward mechanism for active users who hold and utilize SDP tokens.

- Staking Rewards: Token holders participating in our staking program will receive attractive staking rewards, encouraging long-term commitment and loyalty.

- Governance Rights: As a governance token, SDP holders will have a say in platform upgrades, voting on proposals, and shaping the future direction of Sopdap AI.

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